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What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00986
What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00986
What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00986

The Physical and Emotional Effects of Alcoholism

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Alcoholism has emerged as one of the major social problems these days. Not only family but state Governments too are expressing their deep concerns over the growing rate of Alcoholism. Reports say if the rate of alcoholism continued in the same manner it would adversely affect the overall productivity of a country. Alcoholism is a serious and terrible social problem because it has the potential to adversely affect the physical as well as the mental status of a person.
One of the major problems with alcoholism and drug addiction is that people slowly become dependent upon these substances and it becomes pretty tough to get rid of those. Even if they are willing to leave this habit they won’t be able to do so and they will experience some withdrawal symptoms. The duration and effect of withdrawal symptoms can range from a few days to weeks. The degree of its severity also ranges from mild to serious and in some cases it may lead to death.
Alcoholism and drug addiction is a substance abuse problem that is repeated and excessive. This substance is used to create effects or imagined effects. As a person becomes more and more addicted and sinks deeper into these substances they could experience abnormal physical and mental behaviors like mood swings, abnormal social and communication behavior, personality changes and many others. When we talk about physical changes it may include liver damage and failure, redness and rashes in eyes, dry skin, dry lips, forgetfulness and many others.
Viewing its long term impact on the overall personality of a person it is essential to know what physical and emotional effects alcoholism could bring in and what should be done in case you are in the same trap. With this article we have come-up with certain facts that could decipher what physical and mental effects does alcoholism brings in.
Gastrointestinal problems: The first system that gets adversely affected by alcoholism is the gastrointestinal system or commonly called as digestive system. A higher concentration of alcohol in body leads to weakened liver and ultimately to a weak digestive system.
Cardio vascular complications: Experts are of the opinion that a higher concentration of alcohol in human body also has negative impact on our respiratory and cardio vascular system as it may leads to many cardio vascular complication including hypertension and cardiomyopathy.
Weakened immunity system: Immune system is one of the most important systems in human body, it is our defense mechanism, and it recognizes foreign antigens and chemicals in the body and elicits some defense mechanism to get rid of the antigen. However regular alcohol intake could affect our immune system negatively and ultimately leads to a weakened immune system.
Infections and infectious diseases: Continuous intake of alcohol could leads to serious infections including pneumonia and tuberculosis which could adversely affect our respiratory system as a whole.
Nervous system disorders: Experts have opined that excessive level of alcohol in body could also damage our peripheral and central nervous system that could result into many nervous system disorders and much cognitive impairment.
Impotency: Alcoholism not only affects our digestive and respiratory system but it also affects the main system of human body that is the reproductive system. Alcoholic males have been reported of testicular atrophy, impotency and gynecomastia.
Fetal alcohol syndrome: Those women who drink need to be more conscious as alcohol may not only affect their body but it will also have negative impact on their fetus. Experts are of the opinion that taking alcohol during pregnancy can leads to mental retardation, facial deformity and neurological problems.
Viewing the major impact of alcoholism to a person’s overall personality it is important to take adequate measures so that they don’t get into this trap. And if it is unavoidable and somehow they have already sunk into this trap adequate steps ought to be taken to get rid of this social menace.
Alcoholism is a chronic addiction. It is a persistent disease, which needs medical help, when gets out of control. People, who suffer from this addiction, cannot do without alcohol. If some one consumes moderate quantities of alcohol, it is not harmful but when it turns into binge drinking and excessive drinking, it becomes a disease called Alcoholism. It is an addiction and people suffering from it have no control over their drinking. They drink a lot and frequently. They get dependent on alcohol.
Alcoholic prefers to drink alone in secret. Other signs and symptoms of this addiction are not being able to limit how much alcohol is consumed, short term memory loss, loosing interest in social life, hobbies and activities and having a great urge to drink all the time. They develop their drinking rituals and do not like any interference in this. They get irritable, when they want a drink and intensity of their feeling increases, if they do not get alcohol.
Alcoholism makes people nauseate or sweat, when they do not get drink. They start hiding alcohol in unlikely places and try to gulp down the drink as fast as they could, when they get it. They develop relationship problems, problems at work place and other social problems as they start avoiding social activities. They always have an urge for a larger quantity of alcohol to feel its effect. Alcoholism affects an addict physically, psychologically and socially. Drinking becomes a compulsion for him or her.
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What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00986
What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00986

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What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00987
What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00987
What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00987

How to Help Those You Love Who Have an Addiction Problem
When someone you love has a problem with addiction, it can be devastating. A series of consequences inevitably accompany the addicted person which affect everyone around him or her.
Financial devastation, legal troubles and health usually go hand-in-hand with the addict or alcoholic. They will constantly turn to loved ones for solutions to problems they have created as a result of their addiction. This is financially, emotionally and mentally draining to those around him or her. Watching someone you love slowly engage in risky behaviors robs you of your peace of mind and your sense of security; it will also undoubtedly keep you up at night worrying.
While it is difficult to understand, the addicted person has become powerless to stop their chemical dependence on their own. They have been taken hostage by a consuming mental obsession to do drugs and unable to control the physical compulsion to use more and more once they start. Typically, the addict is in complete denial that there is a problem and wonder why everyone is “making such a big deal” out of their alcohol or drug use.
It is not uncommon for loved ones to grow resentful because of their irrational behavior and complete lack of regard for the damage they are causing. The addict may have stolen from those closest to him or her, had violent episodes or destroyed property as a result of their addiction, invoking an apathetic attitude in those who have been victimized because of the addiction. At the very least, being around the addict is uncomfortable because they are incoherent, keep poor hygiene or are totally self absorbed, making social interaction next to impossible. Usually, loved ones end up washing their hands of the person altogether and want little to do with them.
Don’t Give Up
At times, it may seem impossible to reach the addict or alcoholic but if you truly want to help them, you must not give up hope. Educating yourself is paramount. There is help available and the one you love can learn to live a productive life without mind-altering substances. No matter how angry you may be, temporarily set aside your feelings and get serious about helping. Chemical dependence is a life-threatening condition and it cannot continue to go ignored.
The first step in helping an addicted person is getting them to recognize they have a problem. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to stage an intervention. This is when family members, friends and loved ones join forces and collectively confront the addict in an attempt to strip them of their denial. In this case, the use of a certified interventionist or substance abuse counselor is recommended. These are trained specialists who can ensure the intervention is successful. Bringing in a professional is not a requirement. The family can perform an intervention independently but extensive research should be performed to fully understand how to engage the addict and ensure they get the help they so desperately need.
In most situations, addicted people cannot get sober without the supervision and guidance offered in a rehabilitation facility. Stopping certain drugs and especially alcohol can create serious health risks. Withdrawal symptoms can cause seizures, psychosis or even death. Research drug and alcohol rehabs and be armed with information when you confront the addicted person. There are plenty of places that accept insurance, operate on a sliding scale or cost absolutely nothing. Encourage the addicted person to check themselves in to an in-patient rehabilitation program.
At minimum, someone with a drug or alcohol problem should begin attending 12-step meetings immediately. Alcoholics, Narcotics or Cocaine Anonymous meetings are available in almost every city in the United States. Be ready with meeting information and be prepared to drive your friend or family member to their first meeting. There, they will find recovering people who will help them feel less alone and begin the recovery process.
Set clear boundaries. One of the greatest gifts you can give to an addicted person is to tell them “no.” Learn to exercise tough love. Explain that you will no longer bail them out, accept their inappropriate behavior or allow them to create chaos in your life. Do this with love but be serious and follow through. If they are unwilling to check themselves into treatment or go to a recovery meeting, you will have to detach and stop enabling their behavior. Only when they have nowhere else to go will they go get help.
Finally, be very cautious in the way you communicate with an addict or alcoholic. Always speak kindly and lovingly, never harshly or judgmentally. They are looking for every reason to rebel and resist. If they feel loved and cared for, they are more likely to see the truth and get help.Stop suffering with addiction! Located a few minutes from the US border and one hour from Montreal, Canada, Heritage Home Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center offers a tranquil and therapeutic environment to begin your recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Our team has worked together in drug rehab for many years and will give you a personal, unique, and individualized approach to emotional healing and sobriety. Visit us online today.

What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00987
What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00987

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What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00988

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What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00988
What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00988
What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00988

Now No More to be Depressed, Drug Rehabilitation Centres Are Here

Millions of people are in the shackles of the stultifying drug addiction. It is quite common these days. The worst part of the drug addiction is that once you are addicted to drug, it is very difficult to get out it. It makes life hell out and out. You will not find anyone around you supporting and admiring you. Love and care would be alien to you. Friends and family will turn a deaf year to you. Putting it in other word, it is very easy to get into the mire of addiction and by the same token it is nothing short of an uphill task to get out it. But it does not mean that a drug addict cannot get out of it. It is quite possible to get out of it with the help of the drug rehabilitation centres. They have been doing a world of good to a number of drug addicts. Drug rehabilitation centres are made to help drug addicts get back to their mainstream life. Taking a variety of factors and symptoms of drug patients along nature of addiction, gender and age of the patients and their social record into account, these rehab centres offer them the most suitable program. In point of fact all drug rehabilitation centres are well equipped with all essential facilities which are necessary to treat drug patients on professional levels. Not only this, drug rehabilitation centres have a talented pool of doctors, experienced counsellors, psychoanalysts and many other such professionals who can better understand the need of an addict. As far as the success ratio is concerned, it is not all up to the drug rehabilitation centre, as they cannot do their work properly, if there is no support and cooperation from addict and his or her family is available. As a matter of fact drug rehabilitation program is a long process of treatment in which patients have to undergo various phases such as initial checkups of patients, motivational intervention, detoxification process and the final one is aftercare program.And if all the phases are completed successfully, there stands every chance of getting out of the mire of the addiction. Needless to say, all these phases will take a certain period of time.  But one thing is quite certain that that success is guaranteed, if you join a drug rehabilitation centre after doing all the requisite homework. Last but not least, drug rehabilitation centres are nothing short of boon for millions of drug addicts.

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What To Tell A Drug Addict Carolina PR 00988

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